Never before has there been such a complete option in a pool deck coating. A coating that's easier to keep clean, and one that reduces heat buildup by as much as 38%. An excellent choice for concrete pool decks, patios, walkways, concrete ¬≠coating dockwalkways, rooftop terraces, and anywhere a cooler, slip-resistant surface is desired.

Resurface and repair concrete around your pool. Keep your concrete up 38% cooler with our limitless color selection. This is a durable slip resistant product that stands the test of time. 


Cool Deck Concrete Coating

Surfaces we reglaze 



    Cast Iron



Fiberglass Shower

Sink Basins

Ceramic Tile 


Crack Repairs

Chip Repair

Patio Decks

Concrete Coating

Fiberglass Pool Enclosures

In Ground Pool Steps


Steel Corrosion

Oil & Gas Pipelines

Industrial Equipment 

Recreation Parks